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Wear Your Water Smarts on Your Sleeve!

Do you know how far the water YOU drink travels from its source...and why it matters? Most popular bottled waters are transported hundreds or many thousands of miles to reach Asheville. Blue Moon Water travels a mere 20 miles. See our Water Travel chart.

Free Think Global... Drink Local Bumper Sticker with each order!

Blue Moon Water T-Shirt Asheville's Own Think Global... Drink Local T-Shirt
Our night-sky-blue tee clearly spells out the Water Travel point spread on the right sleeve. Any questions about which spring water is most earth friendly in OUR neck of the woods? We didn't think so. The mesmerizing earth image and double moons dominating the front reinforces the message. Cool cotton.

Available in S, M, L, and XL.
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Blue Moon Water Bottle Of Course You Recycle
Now Curb Your NEED To Recycle!
Hey. Here's a solid gold idea for an all-too-plastic world. Our stainless steel bottles refill easily from Blue Moon spring water jugs at home or office and have a belt or bag clip, too. Holds a perfect 24 ounces . Every time you drink from it you'll know you're helping lighten the world's trash load. Available in orange, blue, and red.

$12 each or two for $20
Save an extra $2 or $4 when you purchase a Tee.
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Blue Moon Water
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Your purchase helps us support local water protection initiatives. Employment and distribution opportunities available.